Me, So Far...

So, this is my story so far...
Fourth in the line of 6 siblings - the oldest sister, with 3 older brothers a younger sister and later a younger half brother, I was raised in a small town in New Zealand called Pukekohe, famous for Onions and Potatoes.
My childhood was one filled with games, games and more games.  Indoors, Outdoors, under the house, where ever, we played it.  And if we ran out of games to play, we'd make one up.  Very fond memories will forever be in my heart.
I left my small town once I graduated with my tertiary degree and moved to the bright lights of Auckland.  Lucky it was only 50kms up the road (I know, hardly a distance in other countries terms), because I didn't want to be away from my dear family and friends.  I had a marketing job that I adored and where I made some life long friends.
I was always a home body and never thought I would be one to travel for long periods, but in my mid twenties I had this niggling feeling that I had to do some travelling.  I didn't know at the time why I needed to make the journey, but I went with it and at 27 I packed up and went to live in London, UK.  No expectations, no real agenda, no clue. I was simply going to see what was there for me. 
Six months after I left, I met him.  We travelled, we partied, we made more life long friends and we fell in love. 
Visa's ran short and we decided to make the move back to Melbourne, where he was from.  Six weeks after we landed in Melbourne, we were expecting our first child.  Our Little Red was born in October 2007. 
The following four years were just as eventful as the previous ones.  Married, Little Viking joins the family, start organising the construction of our home, Little M joins the family.  We are so blessed.


We have recently embarked on another adventure - moving to a small country town not too far from the outskirts of the Melbourne Suburbs.  We didn't know anyone here, but it reminds me so much of the town I was raised in that it almost feels like I have come home.  That is, of course, that my friends and family are not here with me.  And that's where I'm at so far.
So, this blog is a way to keep in touch with all of my family and those life-long friends that I don't see as often as I would love to.  It's for all of those conversations I would have with you all if I saw you every day.  And its so you can see my family grow (but not in quantity, because 3 Little's is it!)
And if you're a new friend from blog land.  Welcome and hello.  It's good to have you here.