Thursday, July 16, 2015



It's been a long, long time since I've chatted with you here.   I've missed this space, despite having so many other things going on.

The time has come for this part of my blogging life to move on.  I've been changing things up a bit, and I'd love for you to visit me in my new blogging space.  It's a little mix of my professional and personal photography.  You can see it all over here.

After last years 52 Project and A Year of Motherhood.  I challenged myself to a 365 Project.  You can follow my 365 Project here.

I'm a little bit excited to share with you another little project I've been working on.  This blog has always been a little escape for me, as the kids were small and growing up.  It's been a place to come to help my mind deal with the mundane, and to connect with my newly found, and newly loved tribe. This blog is what lead me to photography.  It lead me to moments.  It lead me to realise that the little moments in life are what really make life rich.  It made me realise that the little moments are worth celebrating just as much as the big moments.

When you're in the depths of washing piles, and sleepless nights, or school lunch making and readers, it can be hard to see all of that richness that surrounds you.  But it's there, and there is SO much of it.

My new e-book, "Celebrating You.  Celebrating The Now", will bring to light all of those little moments that can and should be celebrated.  These are the moments that are so fleeting and often go by unnoticed.

Whether you are a brand new family with a  newborn, a newly engaged or an expecting couple, or whether you are a family with growing children, there is so much in the small moments that can be celebrated, because life is too short to only celebrate the big stuff!

So, if you'd like to start celebrating and get a copy of my "Celebrating You.  Celebrating the Now" e-book, sign up to my newsletter, and it'll be hitting your inbox!

You can sign up here.  I'd love to start celebrating with you!

I hope to see you in my new blogging space, so until next time friends, keep celebrating.



images from my 365 Project