Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Six Of Us 10,000 Miles:: Four Days in London

It seems like such a long time ago already when we backed out of our driveway at 6am on a Thursday morning, preparing ourselves for 3 flights and 33 hours of travel before finally arriving in London at 6am on Friday morning.
As I look through my photo's part of me thinks I took so many, and another part of me thinks there are so many moments I missed.  But I couldn't be behind the camera for the entire holiday.  Some days I just didn't want to, some days it was just too hard with the constant roll of tourists at your back, and some days I just wanted to see things with my own eyes.
The first day we arrived in London was one of those days.  The first day!  It was more the fact that after all that travel and very little sleep, my head was very spacey.  Along with the fact that we visited some of the busiest parts of London that day and it was very difficult physically to stop and set anything up.  Thankfully for phone camera's however, we at least got a photo of the kids with Big Ben!  I also just wanted to soak it all in.  So many memories were flooding back and was revelling in them.  And the smell.  I forgot London had a smell!
The following three days were pretty full.  We really made the most of all of the time we had in London, and although Johnny and I could have easily spent more time there, we did tick a lot of boxes.
London put on some glorious weather, and the clouds.  I can't remember the last time I saw the sky filled with the fluffiest white clouds.
We stayed in a little two up-two down house a little north of Portobello Road, so our Saturday was set for a stroll through the Portobello Markets.  In true London style it rained that morning, which was probably not a bad thing considering we had mainly all been awake from 3am-6am, with the sun rising around 4am.  But by 10 the rain had eased and we could start our day.
We walked through the stalls as they started opening as fast as the clouds were leaving.  We ate street food.  We caught double decker buses, and more tubes.  And we stood outside Urban Outfitters while the kids ate ice-cream and one by one Vanessa, Johnny and I went to shop for necessities.  Johnny shopped for his Birkenstocks, Vanessa shopped in a second hand store for some cons, and I shopped in one of my favourite places in London, Monmouth, for coffee supplies and brownies!  I couldn't go all that way and not make it to Monmouth.

We had scheduled the Sunday to meet up with some old friends.  Our day started early again.  Some as early as 3am.  But it's easy to get out and about when the sun is up and London is calling.  We met at Kew Gardens and wandered and chatted, and found more ice-cream for the kids to eat, before heading back to the best backyard I've seen in London.

Our final day was as colourful as London can be.  Vanessa and I strolled along a small section of the canals, with the morning runners and cyclists, and then we headed to Camden Markets.
I was not going to leave without making a trip to Marimekko (I had to add to our mug collection!), before making a mad dash back to catch our taxi.

We walked so much over the course of those four days.  The kids made very little complaints and just soldiered on like real troopers (fuelled by ice-cream).  The small stroller we took, although having to carry up and down the tube stairs, were worth every cent of the $15 it cost.

We found London a very child friendly city.  Children travel free on public transport when travelling with an adult, and there is always something for them to be entertained by.  Of course they had their moment's, especially when it came to safety with the amount of people around and how easily it could have been to get lost among them.  But thankfully we had an adult per child, which made holding hands a lot easier.

Have you been to London?  Or have you travelled with children?  Do you have any tips on either?


  1. oh milina - the joy in these photos is INCREDIBLE! the colour and life.. pure joy! it feels like a weight had lifted and your eyes were wide open - not to mean your photos were less impressive before - no no! but these are something else. I expect the freedom of being in unusual yet familiar surroundings with a month of holidays stretching out before you will do that to you! so beautiful. the sunshine.. my goodness, it just makes me smile. I can't wait for the next instalment! xx

  2. Look at all of that sunshine!!!! I love the one of Mila's yellow sandals... ohhh so cute!!

  3. These photos are amazing! I found London to be quite child friendly too. The smoking in public places really annoyed my kids though. Looks like you all had an amazing time.
    I agree about being behind the camera too. Some days, I didn't even take mine out. Just wanted to be in the moments more.


  4. Thanks Sam. Yes, I agree about the smoking. We found that in Croatia too. xo

  5. Oh, why thank you beautiful. Yes, that sunshine. So, so nice to be in a climate we could really enjoy. I'm missing it greatly. xx

  6. I cannot tell you just how much I love pouring over your stunning photos hun. They are breathtaking xx


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