Sunday, February 9, 2014


 "A portrait of my loves once a week, every week in 2013"

Ruby::  Second week back at school, and there has been a lot more thumb sucking than usual.
Jenson:: Shiny eyes, bright smile and a strawberry stained singlet
Mila::  Post breakfast vegemite face
Johnny::  Working something out.  I'm not entirely sure what.

How can you not love this family portrait from last week.

Joining Jodi for The 52 Project


  1. ahhh I love a post breaky vegemite face!! I am enjoying seeing Johnny each week too. so delightful xx

  2. Gorgeous photo's! Loving Mila's eyes in this picture :) x

  3. i love the composition of all of these!

  4. i feel like your photographs are getting better each week. i really enjoy coming here and checking them out.

  5. I have to actually remind myself to take photo's of Johnny. It's nice having them. xx

  6. hi! i'm visiting from 52 project. nice pictures and blog! i linked mila's portrait in my blog as one of my favorite! i'm your newest follower.


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