Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We are no longer a Lego-less family.

I had been waiting for the right time to introduce Lego to the smalls.  Waiting until they would have the attention span, the capability, the interest.  We've had the bigger duplo blocks, which had limited appeal, but I thought at almost 41/2 Jenson would be really ready for the proper stuff.

I was right, and it has been a hit.  They have all loved it, and since Sunday it's been played with every day.

Jenson, as expected has sat quietly playing with it, needing some help to construct, but working through things well.  Ruby, surprisingly, constructed her ambulance with minimal help and even less frustration, which I was very impressed by.  I think this time last year, even a few months ago, I would not have had the same outcome.

I can some our Lego collection growing in the very near future.

So, to all you Lego veterans, fire away with your tips, advice, recommendations.  I'd love to hear it.


  1. pomegranateandseedsNovember 28, 2013 at 7:23 AM

    I have three boys and I honestly think we have spent thousands of dollars on Legos. I have so many tips it might make this page explode! One tip is though: We do have 5-6 lego containers that fit under the boys' beds. I always pull one out at the day's end and try to have them help me put the ones that have scattered through out the house back into a container. These containers make very hand to have on hand for long car trips when staying at hotels and grandparents house. My youngest NEEDS to create and build and he goes insane if we do't have a bin with us. xo

  2. My comment disappeared :( I think it basically was.....we are avid collectors and I recommend to NOT mix pieces if you want to keep a set separate! We have spent WEEKS searching for pieces when we want to build a specific set! We have the kids lego in a trofast systems in the boys room which is great for packing away! The duplo is in baskets in the expedit in the playroom (again, great for quick packing away), friends lego is in an under bed storage container in the girls room (heaps of teeny tiny pieces so good to have a lid) and Ben and my collection is under our bed in labeled containers separated into their respective genre's. I have some sets in zip lock bags in the containers to keep them together but separate if that makes sense? We have A LOT of lego and it is SO fun! Last bit of advice is ebay and gumtree are great places to find AWESOME bargains! We NEVER pay full price and if they don't come with instructions you can download them for free off of the internet. Oh and not sure if Jenson (or Ruby?) would like this but one set that IS excellent value at the moment is a Castle battle pack from big W. $12 and you get 4 men, dog, cart and treasure! Really good value! Ok, I am done now! haha!

  3. I have no tips except to wear shoes at all times lol. xxx


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