Thursday, July 18, 2013


I think everyone can appreciate a good dose of Yarn Bombing when they see it, and the little town where I live has been hit hard with the Yarn Bomb.

While it has injected a wonderful dose of character and colour, the bigger picture, the Slow Down Movement is to encourage motorists to slow down on this very busy high street, and to encourage people to walk and ride more.

Whatever the reason, the kids and I love it.

Have you seen a good yarn bomb lately?


  1. oh my goodness, this is TOO CUTE!! next time, I must visit this town! what a brilliant initiative. what brilliant photography. sharp eyes that day, lady ;) x

  2. Oh how great are they!! I just pinned a Yarn Bomb picture on my Pinterest today where a surf shop had yarn covered surf board... I thought it was fantastic! Love your pics Milina :)

    Sophie xo

  3. Oh my ... I am so infatuated with yarn bombing right now. What a gorgeous sight to see in your own town. Those bikes .... THOSE BIKES!! way too cute xx


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