Friday, April 12, 2013


 Autumn thus far here has been quite pleasant. Today I had all the windows open and the doors in the living room open as far as they could stretch. The breeze swept through and the sun warmed the floors.
The mornings and evening have definitely been Autumn like with a fresh chill and dewiness to them, but that's what I love about this season.  We've had a couple of days of rain, which has been welcoming.  There has only been a slight change to the colours of the horizon, with the tree's still holding on to much of their green.  The bee's are still buzzing and the garden is still growing.  

When Johnny and I started planting our garden, we had in mind that we wanted a predominantly native one.  A garden to attract bees and birds.  We didn't want to create anything with too much of a formal feel.  We wanted the end result to feel more like we had cleared a part of land to build our house, rather than had started with an empty block.  We've planted a range of natives, and although we lost quite a number in the wetness that was last Winter, our garden is now developing at a rate that we can actually start seeing it for what it will become.  Many of the flowers have bloomed, some more than once, throughout Spring and again in Autumn, and others are still blooming.

Last week I set out to plant our Autumn/Winter vege garden.  The preparation had begun a few weeks ago, when I harvested the remainder of our tomatoes and cleaned out other plants and herbs that had gone to seed.  So with soils cultivated and ready, Jenson, Ruby and I got to planting.

This autumn we've planted:
- Mixed lettuces
- Carrots
- Garlic
- Beetroot
- Snow peas
- Rocket
- spinach
- Broccolli
- Cauliflower
- Cabbage

We've also got Rhubarb, of which I need to harvest.  Mum, (Or anyone else with Rhubarb experience) how do you know when it's ready?  Some of the shoots don't look all that thick, but the plant is pretty big and full!

We've been out there each day, watching them growing, waiting for new shoots, picking weeds and brushing little white eggs off the undersides of leaves.  We'll be eating our own salad green's again before we know it.

This vege garden thing is still a bit new to me.  Even though I remember having my own little patch of garden when I was a wee girl, and I've dabbled a bit at times.  It is now that it will, and has, become a big part of our lives.  Our livelihood, infact.  Being a little self sustained is quite important to us, so it's important that we learn to grow our own food.  So much seems to be trial and error (esspecialy when it comes to composting!), but we are learning as we go.

I'm really starting to fall in love with it, this garden of ours.  The edible and the inedible.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  It's good for the soul.  In more ways that one.

Are you growing your own food?  Have you planted some Autumn veges?

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