Friday, April 27, 2012

{This Moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Have A Walker...

...And she has good taste in music!

Even though she took her first steps back then, she's still preferred to crawl, rather than walk.  In the past couple of days however, especially today, her preference of getting around has been toward the more upright methods.

Here she is, also enjoying Mummy's taste in music.

{Point + Shoot} Off the Beaten Track

We decided to head away last weekend.  Have a change of scenery before the weather turned colder and wetter (which it already has done), before we had Autumn and Winter plantings to work on, before the footy season was in full swing, and before general Winter hibernation.

Part of the weekend included exploring what was off the beaten track.  This is the sort of unbeaten track where the only sounds you hear are the fish and the mosquitoes.  It was so utterley peaceful.


Photo's taken on my phone, as some nitwit (Me!) forgot to bring the camera battery charger!

It was such a nice weekend where we could just be a family, not have to consider the "Things to do" at home.

Have you been anywhere off the beaten track lately?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Am I The Only One?

A funny thing happened on last night.

Rach from Picklebug posted a montage picture of some very cool things.  Think scones with jam, tights with Saltwater Sandals, doilies and embroidery.  She then mentioned that her husband thought she was turning into a Nana.

I had had a similar conversation with my husband earlier that night.

He was helping me fold the washing.  Woohoo, he helps with folding the washing!  It's normally quite an entertaining event actually.  Seeing whose piles he thinks each of the items belong to, and have you ever seen a man try to fold a fitted sheet or a hooded towel...H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!

Anyhow, he had picked up a pair of my undies to fold.  He may have been a little underwhelmed by the amount of fabric this pair contained, and mentioned that maybe I could invest in some more knickers that weren't so Nana-ish!

I commented on Rach's picture and got a few laughs, snorts infact.  I did think it was funny myself!

But, it got me thinking.  Am I the only 30 something to wear Nana undies? 

No, sorry, I'll rephrase that.  Am I the only 30 something, with 3 kids all at home to wear Nana undies??

They're comfy, I don't give a crap about VPL, and they help to hold in places that need a little bit of assistance.  Well, if i was completely honest they don't even do that, because they are all too big!

Oh, far out!!  OK, I need new undies!  (Too much info?)

Come on ladies, help me out here. I can't be the only one freaking out their husbands whilst they help with folding the laundry!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Grateful For The Ease of Telling Stories

I do love to get behind the DSLR and have a bit of a play.  Capturing moments to file away and reflect on at a later time.  But sometimes it sits and waits for the love.  At times it's longer than others.  I haven't pulled it out of its case since this celebration, two weeks ago!

But thanks to my iPhone and, I'm still capturing moments, telling stories and keeping memories alive.  All too often we might miss these moments, miss the stories in them, and the moments of pure simple joy that they offer.

So, from the last two weeks, these are the stories I can tell you.  I'm grateful that I didn't miss them.

 (Sorry if you follow me on Instagram, this may be boring.)

The story about when Mila took her first steps.  She's still not walking, although she does stand up by herself and takes a few steps.

The one when the kids were pretending the tramp was a pool and went swimming.  Jenson obviously likes to go nude!  A little bit of nude jumping can't hurt, can it?

The one when we had the most beautiful tart Rhubarb crumble, made with rhubarb straight from the neighbours garden - yum!

When Mila was gathering a congregation of chairs

 The story about when Mila had her first bike ride.

When the Autumn nights were so balmy, bubbles on the deck were mandatory

When we had tractors in to correct this view

The story about when I was able to enjoy a coffee and a Hot Cross Bun on the deck, until Jenson threw sultana's into my coffee!  I miss you Hot Cross Buns, come back soon!

When we had amazing glowing sunsets...

And kick arse glowing sunrises!

When we let the kids eat chocolate for breakfast (OK, we did too!)

When the balmy days turned to freezing ones, and movies, blankets and popcorn were called for.

When trips to markets, and pony rides were taken

When Johnny wanted to see what he would look like with botox.

The story about when Mila sprouted three teeth in as many days, fought high fevers and tremors...

And just wanted to be held.  Of which I was more than happy to not get out of my pj's and oblige.

The story about when I began to try to tackle the finger sucking. (Any tips?)

When the days turned back to balmy and the kids rode their bikes in the street with their friends...

 And then we sulked because the bigger girls rode off too quickly and we couldn't keep up on our balance bike...

 But then it was OK again.

The story about when we bought mummy in some flowers and "I wrapped them in tissue so they could warm down"

 And then we pretended to be a snowman. 

The story about how the lowering Autumn sun seeps through in the afternoons to warm our home.

 And finally, the story about the infancy of the place where we call home.  How we have so much work to do, but more importantly just how grateful we are to be here.

Happy weekend friends x 

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Scandinavian Home

If you are like me and love the interior design influence from Scandinavia, (think white, mid century furniture, more white, retro colour pops), you must visit My Scandinavian Home.

Niki's blog is a constant source of Scandinavian interior inspiration, featuring home's mainly from Scandinavia, but also from from all over the world.

Get ready for a Pinterest fest! 

I absolutely adore this apartment...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three Is Our Number....BUT...

It appears to be that time again. 

 Around 21 months ago I came to be with child.

 And the 21 months before that!

I can guarantee you our family is complete.  There will not be another.  Three is our number.

BUT, there are times when the urge is so great.  The wanting, the needing for another child. 
Thankfully it doesn't last long - a day, two days, 10 minutes. 

When I saw this account of human life by Tim a few weeks back, I was reduced to tears.  I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I wanted that feeling again, that high you get after giving birth and meeting your child for the first time. 

I needed another child.  

For me, having a newborn baby is one of the most beautiful things in the world.  The smell, the feeding, the love that is manifested.  But, as much as I wish they could, they don't stay that way for long.  The fact that my baby girl is already one saddens me.

And then I begin to think logically. 

For me, it's not about the pregnancy, or about the labour.  Both, I feel, are a priviledge bestowed upon me, and I could happily do that again.  (Isn't it great how we can forget the pain of labour!)  It's not even the sleepless nights.  As crap as they can be, they, too, pass. 

It's about the future.  It's about my mental health, our financial health, our plans to see the world, to educate.  These things would be made all that bit harder if our family were larger. 

We are so grateful and proud of the children that we have.  Grateful mostly that they, and we, are healthy.  We have been truly blessed by these three children and we could not ask for anything more.  Our family is now complete.

If it did turn out that the pattern was followed (which it hasn't been!), I would be with child again, and said child would be due in December.  If the urge is great around that time, we may have to be considering a puppy for Christmas!

So, what's your number?  Is your family complete?  Do you get these urges? Do they GO AWAY??