Friday, January 27, 2012


The number of kilometers that divide me and my besties range in the thousands.  My besties and my family were the inspiration for this blog.  This was my way of connecting with them more often, feeling like i was near them, and having all of those conversations I wished I could have every day.

But this week, the divide of kilometers closed and we were lucky to have the company of some very special besties.  These are the kind of besties where it doesn't matter how long it has been between drinks, we just pick up right from where we left off. 

The days and the evenings went all too quick as we sat, talked, listened, drank, watched our children play together, laughed, soothed children from the pain of teething, ate, drank some more, woke bleary eyed from non sleeping children, and talked some more.  The house was constantly rowdy and it was a few days of utter perfection.

I am so grateful to you besties.

I miss you already and I can't wait to do it again next time!

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Getting Ready For Kinder

Ruby starts four year old kinder next week.  I'm quite excited for her.  She has been through a daycare system before, but kinder is that next step toward school, and I know she will thrive from it.  I'm excited that she'll make new friends, have new responsibilities, and start to really gain her independance away from the home.

I'm also excited about the possibilities it brings for me to meet new people, and hopefully form some new friendships in our new town.

I'm also nervous. A little nervous for her, a little nervous for me, and a lot nervous that I can manage to get all four of us out the door by 8:15 in the morning.  Lucky this is only two days a week.

To help us get ready in the morning and get out the door on time, I've given Ruby the responsibility to get herself ready.  I have to help with a few of the things, but otherwse, she's in control.  Together we thought of all of the things she needed to do to get ready, and earlier this week we made a chart documenting those things.  As she was getting ready, I took photos. She then selected the photos she wanted to use on the chart.

So, her morning should go like this:
 1. Breakfast

2. Get Dressed

3. Make your bed

4. Brush your hair

5. Brush your teeth

 6. Pack your bag

7. Put sunscreen on

We've given it a practice run and I've been so proud with how she's done everything so well, walking up the chart and proclaiming "correct" as she's completed each task.

Before we go to her first morning session this Thursday I'll be giving the packed lunches a trial, to make sure I'm giving her the right amount of food and that she can manage everything on her own. 

Do you have a morning routine that helps you get out the door on time?

Happy Weekend!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeling like the 3 Bears

Some one's been eating my rocket (how do these appear, what seems to be, overnight??)...

 And some one's been eating my plums...

And some one's been eating my fruit trees...

And since we are on the topic of gardening, here is one garden bed that we have managed to plant up.  We're pretty happy because the last lot of Kangaroo Paws we had did not do so well (died!), but these ones are thriving!

And some progress on the deck....

I can't wait to be able to use this space!

Righto, time to find the best way to repel those caterpillars.  Any tips?

Monday, January 16, 2012


This Little Viking has been up to all kinds of two year old mischief in the past 24 hours,

: Flushing a toilet roll down the toilet, leaving us with a fully blocked toilet
: Tipping over the book shelf in Ruby's room
: Giving me a crap night sleep last night
: Hitting his little sister in the head with a train, making her cry the cry where they pause for a few seconds because it hurt so much.
: Taking 2 bites out of about 10 pieces of fruit and then saying he doesnt want any more, or worse yet, throwing it around the house like a ball.

He's lucky I can't resist his cuddles and his cheeky smile.  Although this was wearing very thin tonight when I found him in the (blocked) toilet when he was meant to be sleeping.  I'm just hoping that he hadn't put anything else down there.

Please let this phase be over soon!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pizza Night

Friday night is always home made pizza night in our house.

It's great; I don't have to think, and for this I am always grateful.

Plug in the pizza oven.  Dress the bases, which Little's can help with.  10 Minutes later - Bon Apetite!


And who wouldn't love to devour their pizza like a two year old?

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smoke and Spice

Do you like tasty food??  You have to try this!

When we were in New Zealand in November, my sister introduced me to the best salt I've ever smelt or tasted.  Thanks Vanessa!

The Original Smoke and Spice Company solar salt is hand smoked and then tumble roasted with garlic, shallots, coriander, the mighty chili and the Australian bush pepper!

I was pretty bloody excited when I found out I could source it in Australia.  This stuff rocks!  It smells incredible and makes food taste even better.

My first attempt at Salt and Pepper Squid tonight went down a treat. 

Roast potatoes, Roast Chicken, Avocado and Tomato on Toast, Ham sandwiches, Roast Pork - This has fast become our favourite seasoning, and will continue to be stocked in our pantry.

For more information, or to purchase:
In Aussie go here:
NZ go here:

I've just spied their Frittata recipe.  Guess whats on the menu this week!

Have you got a favourite, can't live without seasoning or condiment?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Smile Everybody...

Some mornings, I would do anything for an extra 90 seconds in bed.  If that means handing over my phone, I'm happy to oblige.

Usually afterwards I have to trawl through hundreds (actually!) of blurred photo's of ceilings, tops of heads, carpet, etc.

But sometimes I get little gems like these that make me giggle. Sound on - it's the audio that I like.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stoopid Baby Hair

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey.  I relished being pregnant and the wonders that my body went through with each of my children.

On the flip side however, not relishing so much.  Things, well, move.  And now I'm dealing with the hair.  Ahhh, the hair.  This is one of those things no one tells you, so I'm telling you now.  If your pregnant or have just had a baby, don't be surprised if after a few months you start losing great chunks of hair, like if your conditioning your hair in the shower and handfuls just come out.  I freaked out the first time, but it's completely normal (well it's been normal for me anyway).  All of the hair that you would normally shed actually gets held on to for the 9 months that your pregnant.  Then a few months after the baby has arrived and hormone levels go back to normal, all the hair that you should have lost in those 9 months start to let go.  My hair has also become oily, so I've been dealing with oily, shedding hair.

And now, the moment I've least been waiting for: the stoopid baby hair.

So, I normally have a fringe, and normally I might look like this (on days when I've been to the hairdresser and I've done my hair, which is hardly ever, but lets just say that normally my hair looks this good).

I have fine hair, and although I'd love to have a heavy fringe, I couldn't because it would honestly take the whole top of my head in hair.

Now half of the fringe that I do have is gone and has been replaced by wispy, new growth baby hair.  When you were young did you ever try to cut your own fringe?  I did, and it looks like one of my kids has tried it on me now, except only on the front centimeter of my fringe and with thinning scissors.

Check out those wispy bits.  That pretty much is the extent of my fringe on the sides.  Ridiculous, and not in a good way!

I knew this day was coming, and from experience, I know I've got a good few months with a poor excuse for a fringe. 

Maybe it's time I gave one of these a go.

Has pregnancy left you with many undesirables?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Noughts & Crosses - Four Year Old Style

Teaching a four year old how to play noughts and crosses, or in this case Kiwi's and Pukeko's, turned out rather interesting today.  I find it quite intriguing just how differently they think.
I should precede this by saying that it's ALL about winning for this wee four year old, as it is with many, I'm sure.  She has to win or be the first at everything.  This can play to our advantage when it comes to meal times, but mostly not.

I explained the rules - you have to try and get three in a row, while at the same time stopping the other person from getting three in a row.  She got it - good girl!  She then went on to tell me how to play.

It went something like this:

First, you have to line them all up.

Ruby starts

"But you can't put them on my line"

"You have to put your's here"

"Not on my line!"

"Heh Heh, I win, I win!"

Mummy starts...

Pulls out some tricks...

 BAM... Can't always win my girl!

*No Ruby's were hurt in the playing of this game, no tears were even shed. Instead there was a quick request for another game.