Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flynn and Marijke

In our family it's not rare to have people sharing birthdays with other family members.

My brother Grady shares his birthday with our Nana (Great grandmother).  Mum shares her birthday with one niece.  My brother Reon shares his birthday with our Step Mum.  A sister-in-law and another niece also share a birthday, and my sister Vanessa and my Dad are only one day apart.

A few weeks after we discovered we were expecting Mila, my brother Grady and his wife Mel announced they were expecting twins.  Their due dates were about two weeks apart.

When I started going into labour with Mila on the 31st of March, 2011, we went to the hospital early, due to complications with my previous labour.  At around 9am I had a call from Mel.
"I'm just in the car on my way to the hospital, I'm in labour!"  I could hear the excitement in her voice as she giggled down the phone.
"I'm at the hospital.  I'm in labour too!".  We both had a little giggle.  Excitement, probably laced with anxiety and anticipation.

Mila, Flynn and Marijke were all born early that afternoon, within two hours of each other.
Another date on the birthday sharing calender.

Over Christmas we were blessed to spend some time with Grady, Mel, Flynn and Marijke.

This is Flynn.  
From the moment he arrived, to the moment he left, there was a car in his hand.  He would line them up on a table or a windowsill, so they were just so, sometimes in colour order.  He would make them crash, making all the sound affects.  A fire engine or an ambulance would come in to the mix and from anywhere in the house you would know where Flynn was when you heard a "Woo Woo".  

This is Marijke.
She loves to run.  And run, and run.  There was always something for Marijke to do, as she busied herself quietly with the abundance of new toys and equipment, in between trying to keep clear of Mila!  She would run, she would dance, she would swing and she would mimic much of what Mum and Dad would say and then she would lead Mummy around to show her all the things she had done.



Flynn and Marjke settled quickly and nicely into our rowdy home.  Mingling with Ruby, Jenson and Mila, and then playing quietly by themselves.  They loved the animals, quickly and eagerly giving Remi pats and cuddles.  

Mila lead me through the house this morning and straight to Ruby's room where they had been sleeping.   She looked around the empty room, she misses them already.  We all do.


  1. Isn't it amazing the way that some kids just "know" the sound effects of cars and machinery? It looks like your kids and their cousins had a blast playing together. How amazing that the three of them were all born on the same afternoon! sort of like cousin triplets!

  2. oh bless her :( this is so wonderful, I look forward to sharing christmases to come once my sisters have had their kids and they are all old enough to play together. what a sweet little pair they are! x

  3. What absolutely gorgeous children. It made me laugh to as my Flynn is very similar in that we say he was orn with Lego in hand :) Happy New Year Hun xx


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