Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sisters: A Series {Part Three}

I've always been one of the quiet girls in the group.  (Some might tell you otherwise once I've had a few, mind you.)

Quite shy when I was younger, I would often persuade Vanessa to speak when we went into a shop or had to ask a question.  Funnily enough though, when it came to public speaking, at school or at church, I could handle myself quite well.

So as somewhat of an introvert I've never had the need for loads of friends.  Quiet happy with my own company and that of a few close friends.

I've made some very close friends over my time.  And those friends I now like to think of as my sisters.

Some I met when I was seven.  Other's when I was 27.  

Some I met and grew with through school.  Others I met and grew with through work.

Some I've hurt, and have been so grateful that we have reunited.

Some have been shoulders.  Other's I've been shoulders for.

All I've made memories with.

These are my Sisters'.  

The sisters' where time and geography parts us, yet we remain in each others thoughts and hearts.  When even though it may have been a year since we've seen each other  we pick up right where we left off. 

Today was a bit of a crap day.  It may be because of this, or because the kids have been sick and it makes it just that bit harder, or because I'm lacking a bit of focus and my head is all over the place.  But I would have given the world to have seen one of my sisters for a coffee and chat today.  And yesterday.  And tomorrow...

I miss you ladies like you can't even imagine.  Feel my arms around you.  I'm sending my love.

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  1. aw this one made me a little sad. there are good and bad things about being far away. I know just how you feel, my closest friends are hundreds of kilometres away - though yours are thousands! I love seeing these photos of you. big hugs for you xx


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