Monday, October 8, 2012


It's days like today that make me realise that I truly have it all, that this is what life is all about.  Being with family and celebrating life and its simple milestones. 

Today Johnny and I celebrated, with our family, quite a big milestone.  Today was Ruby's fifth birthday, and today marks five years since we became parents.

We celebrated with:
- Presents in our bed (This has fast become a tradition)
- A mad rush to get out of the door and to kinder on time.  Not thanks to the start of Day Light Saving and those presents in our bed! (We didn't get out the door on time!)
- An afternoon at kinder with Mum, brother and sister
- A later afternoon new bike riding session.  Graduating from the balance bike to the two wheeler with flying colours.
- Another round of "Happy Birthday" with birthday cake.
- Dinner of Fish n Chips (Birthday girl's choice), followed by ice-cream.
- An evening chat with Uncle Reon
- Story time with new books.

Happy fifth birthday Ruby.  You make us so proud.  Your tenacity, determination, energy and spirit will take you to the most wonderful places. 

Tonight, as the kids were sleeping, Johnny and I were finishing off some pizza, drinking red wine and folded washing together.  Johnny thanked me for doing everything that I had done for Ruby's birthday, and then told me that I was everything he had envisioned his wife and mother of his children to be.  My eyes welled with tears and my heart burst with love. 

This is what life is all about.


  1. Looks like you had a perfect day. Happy birthday little lady! x

  2. oh Happy Birthday to your little Lady. These photos are amazing xx

  3. She has such a gorgeous smile! Happy birthday! xx

  4. YES - this IS what it's all about! oh I think I got a little tear in my eye from johnny's words! ruby's bike is the bomb! you must tell me where you got it, the best girl's bike I have seen! some seriously beautiful shots in here lady. happy happy birthday little red! xx


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