Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Been A Tough Old Week

This time last week I could feel I was coming down with something a little more serious than a cold. 

I was hit hard with it on Friday morning. 

Every inch of me ached, right down to my screaming eye balls!  Ruby joined me in bed and there we stayed for the next three days.  Thankfully Johnny looked after us all weekend, and even more thankfully, he was not hit with the brunt of the virus that we were.

But this week has been a battle of survival. Caring for sick children is tough going.  I've learned though this week that the older they get, the easier they get to take care of. At least Ruby knew she needed sleep and would just sleep. Mila on the other hand has been finding it very difficult to sleep, and has of course been very clingy.  Jenson has not been as unwell as the others, so has still required the usual activities.  This, on top of me still being unwell has meant there have been a couple of "those" texts being sent to Johnny throughout the day!

Inevitably, the holidays started a week early.  We have not done a great deal, but with the ordinary tasks of mouths to feed, (stinky teething) nappies to change, mouths to feed, cuddles to give, children to be held, mouths to feed, cakes to make, washing to be done and mouths to feed, I'm flippin knackered and I can't wait for the week to be over.  I can't wait for these lurgies to be over, and I can't wait for Winter to be over!

We also lost a lady, I managed to flood the laundry, and I haven't been for a run in over a week!

I am looking forward to Saturday though.  A special day for my boy.

I hope you are all keeping well and the winter illnesses have not hit you.


  1. Hooe your all feeling better. The winter bugs seem to be knocking every one down everywhere I turn. We've had our share to. Spring can't come quick enough!

  2. Sounds like you have had a hard time! It is SO much harder when you have children because you have to push through for the sake of them!

    What happened to one of your ladies!? I hope it wasn't too upsetting!

    Big hugs and I hope everyone is 100% ASAP!

  3. Sounds like a tough week. I hope you all get better real quick xxoo

  4. Oh and sorry to hear about your Chicken xxoo

  5. Far out, sounds like you've had a shocker of a week! It sounds like things are looking up though. I hope everything is normal again soon! And happy birthday to your little fella :) x


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