Monday, January 16, 2012


This Little Viking has been up to all kinds of two year old mischief in the past 24 hours,

: Flushing a toilet roll down the toilet, leaving us with a fully blocked toilet
: Tipping over the book shelf in Ruby's room
: Giving me a crap night sleep last night
: Hitting his little sister in the head with a train, making her cry the cry where they pause for a few seconds because it hurt so much.
: Taking 2 bites out of about 10 pieces of fruit and then saying he doesnt want any more, or worse yet, throwing it around the house like a ball.

He's lucky I can't resist his cuddles and his cheeky smile.  Although this was wearing very thin tonight when I found him in the (blocked) toilet when he was meant to be sleeping.  I'm just hoping that he hadn't put anything else down there.

Please let this phase be over soon!

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  1. Such a sweet face, I can't imagine him doing anything like that ;) hope this phase passes quickly and you get some good sleep tonight!


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