Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So, I Made One Of Those Crayon Things

I first spied this melted crayon art at The Happy Home blog and thought it would be perfect for the Little Vikings Room.  You can see her version here
I wasn't sure what it was at the time, but have subsequently found them in abundance on Pinterest and other blogs.
So with today being just a Little M day, the house tidy(ish), washing away, butter chicken in the slow cooker, I got to work.
You need a bit of time for this project.  It is an easy one, but quite time consuming.

You Need:
- Canvas
- 1 and a bit packets of 64 crayons
- Hot glue gun
- Hairdryer
- Time - about 1.5 - 2 hours to complete

- Start by sorting the colours along the top of the canvas with the tips pointing down.  I used the brighter colours from the packets and left the darker ones out.
- Using the glue gun, glue each crayon and quickly place on canvas.  I glued mine so all the labels faced out.

- Cover the wall and floor with newspaper or other suitable coverage, place canvas on wall and get ready to start melting.

- Place the hairdryer close to the crayons and start melting.  Play with the high and low settings to ensure that the crayons are melting at a good rate but not flicking everywhere.  The crayons will start to sweat first and will then melt and run down the canvas. I found that as they were melting down I needed to move the hairdyer down the canvas as well to encourage the crayon to keep moving down as it was drying fairly quickly.

Note - the melting process is a long one, so be patient.  I found that i had a couple of colours that took ages to melt too, and needed a lot of extra time.

- Get good quality crayons.  I don't think mine were all that great quality, and in parts the coverage on the canvas is not great.
- Do it on a warmer day if possible.  I should have done it yesterday, when it was 32 degrees.  In typical Victorian style, it was about 16 degrees today, so the melting process took a bit longer that it could have.
- If you are doing it on a warmer day, place the canvas in your the front windscreen of your car.  This will start the sweating process and quicken the melting even more.

It's home will be on this wall.  It looks a little bit shit close up, but when it's on it's home on the wall, I think it'll look great. 

In the meantime, it's going away until Dec 25th.

Monday, November 28, 2011

When Safety Precautions Go Bad

Our arrival home from New Zealand at the end of last week came with some surprise.  The trampoline was not in sight, the clothesline had no lines in tact and the Little's slide was lying on its side.

What has gone on? 

Thoughts of some people carrying a trampoline inconspicuously down the road crossed my mind.  Fear that the house was ramshacked did the same. 

As we walked around the house things became a bit clearer.  It had been windy in NZ while we were there.  It had obviously been the same here.

A word of precaution to those with tramps that have the safety nets - they can get carried away!

Our tramp had made a nice wee trip.  Flipping at some stage.  making its way through the clothesline, taking a whole row of lines with it.  Finally resting, battered and bruised on the embankment at the back of the house.  Lucky for the clothes line otherwise it would have most definitely hit the house and most likely have taken out some windows.

By the time I took these photo's Johnny had fixed the line already (essential for the amount of washing !  I'm sure you know).

The tramp was positioned to the left of the slide.

Please excuse the washing on the line and the unkempt lawns.  Typically it rained when Johnny was able to get them mowed this weekend.

I hope everyone is getting set for Christmas.  I'm starting to feel the festive spirit and have been working out decoration ideas.  Hopefully we'll be getting the tree sorted this weekend.

Happy Week to you all.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Best Job In The World

What could be the best job in the world?

 A Hairdresser?

 Zoo Keeper?


Sign Writer?






For me, right now, it's raising these Little's.  It's an honour I am grateful for every day (as stressful and chaotic as it sometimes can be) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

From Pond to Plate in 4.5 hours

It's been a beautiful weekend here.  My shoulders have been sunkissed and I've noticed a few extra freckles on Little Red's nose.

Fishing has been on the agenda for a while, and we've been biding our time until the weather was right.  So today we put off any duties around the house and made our way to the high(er) country. 

We left a little later than planned, as I had mentioned bacon and egg sandwiches, so we had to have one before the journey.  Then we arrived a little more later than planned as we had a wee incident with a lack of petrol in the car.  We didn't run out however; all but 15ml left in the tank.

Anyway, we made it to our destination, The Alpine Trout Farm in Noojee.  Its a beautiful drive to get there, just under 30 minutes for us (sans petrol incidents), and there's not a lot of waiting around before success.  The smell brought back memories of my childhood, catching fresh water crays in the creek by our house.  I knew I was going to enjoy myself.

An outing that will become a regular one.




What did you get up to for the weekend?  I hope it was a good one.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Little Walkers

Early for some, late for others - I've started my Christmas list, and these are Number ONE on the list for Little M!!

Heidi Walks from All about Heidi

I love them!

If you have a little one, expect a little one, or just know a little one.  I suggest you take a peak at these.

Or, you could try to win you some over at The Beetle Shack

Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Since the return of Baba and Deda its been an unwritten arrangement that Little Red and Little Viking spend one night a week with them.  They leave here on a Tuesday morning, Little Red goes to "school" for the day, while Little Viking goes to Baba's.  They spend the night at Baba's and return home early Wednesday evening.  This means I get two days to spend some one on one time with Little M, as well as clean, shop, organise and do all of those other duties that are required from being a "Domestic Engineer".

It's a win-win really.  So come Monday night, why do I feel so guilty??

 Guilt of sending them off and not being around them.  Guilt from feeling that I should be able to have them all the time and cope just fine.  It actually annoys me that I feel this guilt.  If I was a friend saying these things to me, I know exactly what I would be saying back!

Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for these two days.  Goodness knows I NEED the break, even though I still have Little M with me.  These times allow me to compose and organise and overall parent better.  I know that they will be loving their time either at school or Baba's.  We all NEED it!   And how I miss them so.  I just wish the guilt would bugger off!

Does it go away? How do YOU let go of it?

Little M has been a bit under the weather these past two days, so its been nice just the two of us (changed days this week because of Melbourne Cup).  When she hasn't been sleeping off her temperatures, we have had more cuddles than we are normally allowed, and nursed a lot more than normal.  It's been special.

And just because, here's a little bit of what we got up to on the cold and rainy Melbourne Cup Day (Man, it rains here a lot!).

Ruby was very rightfully proud she had drawn her own feet and hands!