Friday, September 30, 2011

Today Was Miserable Outside

I was adament it was not going to be miserable inside, so I had to be one step ahead of the kids - All. Day.
So, here's how it panned out.  (This is after the breakfast round of feeds etc, so already 2 hours down in the day).

We made ourselves beautiful.
 We had to use all of our clips today.
 We danced,
 and played statues.
 We read each other books,
 and then we slapped our little brother and made him cry.
 We broke things (sorry Teki Linda).
Then we made pancakes for morning Tea.
 We had to taste the mixture.
 We cleaned up the drink of water we threw on the floor
 Oh, and we decided we wanted to wear undies today.  This is a first, and somewhat of a surprise.  Who am I to say he can't.  This is his second pair for they day, so far.
  We put waaaay too much maple syrup on our pankcakes
Then we ate them.
 We then wasted the rest of our perfectly good pancakes, so even though Mum made them, she didn't make enough for herself and she can't finish ours!
 We wake from our sleep very happy to see Mummy
 We are all excited to see Little M
 So we get in her face.
  We play house with our babies.
And farms with our trucks and animals.
We take some pics (this was a sly diversion of Mummy's so there wasn't any more of getting right in Little M's face)
 We empty the clean, folded laundry onto the floor (which may or may not have been sitting there for 2 or more days already, I can't be too sure).
  We eat our lunch,
 and get photo bombed
 We have another change of undies
Some of us sleep
 And some of us prepare dinner,
 And lunch.

 Mummy sneaks in a coffee and an Oreo, which The Littles have no idea about.
We dislike our lunch prepared earlier, so instead we help ourselves to some chocolate yoghurt from the fridge.
 We get changed.
 We try to take some photo's of Little M on her tummy,
But we know time is against us and we're only two seconds in before she flips herself on her back.
 We play hide and seek.  Found You!
 Found you again!
 Daddy is home and we have cuddles.
 We Eat.
 We cuddle.
 We have quiet time.
 We have stories.
And then we sneak into our sisters room when we are meant to be sleeping to have more stories.  Mummy and Daddy pay for this later, when we have two overtired tantrums.
This was a great day.  It's days like these that I love being a Mother.  They are not all like this.  Sometimes they are like this, or this.
I wouldn't say this day is typical.  I wouldn't even say I have typical days.  I have a routine, but the only typical thing about each day would be that they eat, sometimes, and they sleep, sometimes.

And now to Re.Lax.  I'm gonna have to do it all again tomorrow.