Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yeah, Stuff....

I've been a bit puzzled of late with the behaviour coming from Little Red.  Since we've returned from New Zealand I've had an extremely demanding, frustrated, whingy, screaming 4 year old on my hands.  Her behaviour has become unmanageable at times and we have even reverted back to tantrums lasting longer than 30 minutes.  I've put some of this down to being away, settling back into our routines and on top of that being sick.  She has always been sensitive to change and takes time to settle into things, but it can't all be that.  Can it?

I mentioned here about her demanding I change the way I had hung the advent calendar.  I wasn't joking.  At times she has has screamed, demanding I do things the way she sees things in her head.  Unfortunately, at times I have no idea how she see things, what she wants me to say, how she wants me to walk etc, and a full on meltdown has ensued.  Her sleep had been affected too.  Waking earlier and not going to sleep until later.  It has become exhausting, not to mention disheartening.

The last couple of days have been a bit better. We have still had the occassional incident, but I've also noticed a greater deal of comprehension that she has developed.  I remember her going through a very similar stage this time 2 years ago.  She regressed in her behaviours, sleeping, toilet training, eating, and then all of sudden it was back to where it had been, along with a whole lot of new developments.

Is this normal developmental behaviour?  I have not noticed this with the Little Viking so much.  But perhaps this is just because she is so much more sensitive to change that she cannot cope with all of what she is learning and developing at one time, and once things are more familiar, more natural to her, she becomes more at ease.  Hmm, I'm typing as i think here, but that seems to make sense.

Has anyone else had similar situations?   Is this typical of a 4 year old?  Any suggestions?  Am I doing something wrong?  Can I do more to help her, to help me?  She really is an excellent kid, but sometimes with some not so excellent behaviour.

Anyway, a bit more of what else has been happening.....

We've got our Christmas tree, but have still only half decorated it.  Underestimated size and quanitity of decorations required.

Ruby and I were getting handy while the other littles napped yesterday.  She painted up some kraft paper we could use for Christmas wrapping paper and I tried to make some decorations.

It's been raining a plenty and weirdly the highest part of our block is the boggiest.  Unfortunately, this is where our fruit trees have been planted and we have lost a few.  The bare rooted nectarine and peach Johnny bought and planted at the end of winter have not budded at all (dead?).  The cherry tree leaves have wilted and are now drying out (dead?).  One of the feijoas leaves are starting to fall off (dead?).  Any ideas?

We also have cherry slug eating the leaves on our plum trees.  I've read that throwing coffee over them can get rid of them, so we've done that over the past couple of days.  We'll see what happens.  Any suggestions?

Johnny's been digging holes for our deck, and has found just how close we are to a natural spring.  Less than a metre close.

We went to a family fun day today and just missed out on getting the kids faces painted.  So we had to do that when we got home.  Little Red painted mine and the Vikings.  I did Little Reds, while she told me what colours I had to use and when.  She wanted a flower, I tried to do one.  She was not impressed, yelled at me, kicked her legs about and wanted me to "DO IT AGAIN!".  Huuuuhhhhh..........

Check. Out. My. Nose!  And yeah, I know, my flower did suck.

Sorry, bit of a boring post.  Hope you're all having a good weekend. 
Happy Days


  1. Oh lady, I'm feeling your pain. I have no advice here, just a pat on the back for being an awesome mum (hello painted face?!!!).

    It's so hard when they revert back to behaviours that you thought you have kicked up the arse. Hope they pass quickly!

    xo em

  2. Thanks Em. I really appreciate the pat and the ears. xo

  3. No good advice sorry, though mine are always a little ratty after being away.
    Your tree looks great, good job on the decorations! xx


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