Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is our pet dog Remi.

He's getting on a bit, he'll be 10 next year.  He's really patient with the Little's, and he loves them as much as they love him.  He's really just a big toddler himself.  He's gorgeous.

Oh how he sulks at bath time.

This is not our pet.
I've gotten used to seeing her babies on a daily basis.  But she Freaked Me Out!
I was only in this room a few minutes ago.  Where the (insert whatever) did you come from?  I shudder to think! You better not have siblings.
To be fair she had probably moved in long before we had, and has probably been on google herself finding out how to deter humans.
I've been busy wiping lavender oil around inside window frames and will  be doing the same on the outside with lemon oil. 
Any other natural spider deterrent suggestions would be greatly received.

And, please, nobody tell me she is small.  I don't want to hear it.



  1. holy crap. She is not small. Yeuch. Only thing I know that works is conkers-horse chestnuts? they seem to work in our house. Have piles of them everywhere!

  2. That is NOT small! I was going to suggest lemon oil, but you're already onto it.

    I hope you get rid of those nasties. I do not like them at all!



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